What are the benefits of owning and living in Ecuador?2023-02-23T10:45:45-05:00

A.     Low Cost of Living

Ecuador offers a very reasonable cost of living that is highly appealing to many. In Ecuador, a couple can live comfortable on $2,000 a month. Drugs are significantly cheaper, and the cost of living is 25% of that found in the USA or Canada. Seniors enjoy 50% discounts on public transportation, cultural and sporting events, utilities, and more.


B.     High Quality Health Care


The level of health care offered in Ecuador is extremely good. Most doctors speak English or have English speaking nurses/staff members, and many of the doctors were trained in North America. The hospitals are fully equipment and there is a high number of private clinics available throughout the country.


C.     Coastal Weather and Beautiful Beaches

On the coast, temperature remains consistent for much of the year with daily highs ranging from 78 – 85 degrees and in the 70’s at night. The humidity remains low for most of the year, rising slightly during the rainy season, rarely reaching uncomfortable levels. In the mountains, daytime temperatures  are generally in the 70’s and dip to 60’s at night.


D.      The Real Estate Investment Opportunity

An investment in Ecuadorian real estate is like investing in Costa Rica fifteen to twenty years ago.  Ecuador is the right place at the right time.   The continuous initiatives happening in Ecuador have had a dramatic impact on the country’s economy and have been a catalyst for other foreign investments and high growth in tourism.


E.     Healthy Lifestyle Options

It’s easy to commit to a healthy lifestyle in Ecuador, with access to fresh fish, fruits and vegetables in the stores and markets. These are available all year-round because of the equatorial climate and the multiple ecosystems available. That same climate also makes it easy to participate in outdoor activities year-round.


How hard is it to get a Visa?2023-02-11T13:49:00-05:00

There are several Visas available depending on your situation: Pensioner, Investment: Bank Certificate of Deposit, Real Estate, or a Business, Professional, and more.  Naturally, it takes a little time to apply for and obtain a Residency Visa.

What are hospitals like in Ecuador?2023-02-11T13:49:38-05:00

Hospitals are well-equipped with modern technology, plus have an abundance of specialists in all fields. there is a high number of private clinics available throughout the country.

Can I get medical insurance and how much is it?2023-02-11T13:51:09-05:00

The cost of health insurance is significantly lower than the United States. Generally, you will find that average health care in Ecuador costs between 10% and 25% of what you might expect to pay in the U.S.

There are different Tiers of private insurance. IESS the government insurance, is available for approx. $80 per couple per month.

How hard is it to find a doctor?2023-02-11T13:51:45-05:00

There is an abundance of quality doctors in Ecuador. Appointments are easy to come by. The cost of a seeing a doctor is very low, most typically a 45 min. visit will cost around $30-40, specialists $40-50. Many even make house calls and will happily provide their cellular number to help you connect when you have health issues.

How are dentists?2023-02-11T13:52:31-05:00

Like Doctors, there are many quality dentists in Ecuador. Appointments are also easy to come by. The cost of a seeing a Dentist is very low, with prices in the same range of doctors. Dental Tourism is a growing industry in Ecuador as more and more people seek out quality dental surgery for considerably less costs.

What are the roads like?2023-02-11T13:52:58-05:00

The roads in Ecuador are consistently rated amongst the best in South America. From 2008 onward, the Ecuadorean government invested heavily in infrastructures. There are many modern highways throughout Ecuador, as well as new power generation and water plants.

How easy is it to travel around Ecuador?2023-02-11T13:53:25-05:00

There are several Interprovincial highways throughout Ecuador. Gasoline is subsidized by the federal government and currently sits at $2.40 a gallon for regular, $1.75 per gallon for diesel. Buses are a major and inexpensive form of transportation in Ecuador with an extensive route system throughout the country. Taxis around town are also very inexpensive with a typical fare costing around $2.00.

How safe is the country?2023-02-11T13:53:47-05:00

The crime rate in Ecuador is relatively low compared to other countries in South, Central and North America. Most residence and tourist need to be aware of potential petty crimes like in all cities, but violent crimes are rare.

Is it safe for tourists and appropriate for families?2023-02-11T14:00:49-05:00

Bahia de Caraquez is one of the most intimate Ecuadorian tourist places located on a peninsula at the mouth of the Rio Chone. It boasts a quaint ocean boardwalk and many unique shops and restaurants. Bahía primarily caters to the growing expat community and to the middle and upper class of Quito and Guayaquil who have vacation condos here. This area is almost completely undiscovered by the rest of the world. Bahía has the lowest crime rate in all of Ecuador. The town is a relaxed and very safe place with a great fresh food and seafood market.

There are clean paved streets, a museum of archaeology, cozy coffee shops, a growing local arts community, along with a population of 30,000 and a wonderful beach that leads gradually into the Pacific Ocean

What are the busiest times of year?2023-02-11T13:54:44-05:00

There are 3 busy times of the year. August for the Ecuadorian vacationers coming in from Quito during the school summer break, the Christmas\New Year’s holiday and during Carnival in early February.

How big is Bahia de Caraquez?2023-03-05T15:44:03-05:00

The population of Bahia is estimated to be 30,000 people located in the urban and surrounding areas.

Does Bahia de Caraquez have a hospital?2023-03-05T15:40:33-05:00

Yes, a brand-new hospital opened at the beginning of 2023.

Does Bahia de Caraquez have grocery stores?2023-03-05T15:40:20-05:00

Yes, it has a grocery superstore in the modern shopping center complimented by many fresh markets, as well as multiple smaller grocery stores.

Can foreigners and non-residents own property in Ecuador?2023-02-11T13:56:13-05:00

Yes, the Ecuadorean Constitution guarantees that all property owners enjoy the same rights.

How is title to the property handled in Ecuador?2023-02-23T10:57:29-05:00

At the time of final closing, you will be provided you with a deed (escritura) for your property.  At Ceibo Valley, the team will provide all title transfer services and record your deed.  The buyer is responsible for all closing costs.

Do I need an attorney to assist with my property purchase?2023-02-11T13:57:09-05:00

Similar to North America, when buying a new hope in a development it is up to you to decide if you would like to use the services of a lawyer. When buying a used home, it is always recommended to use a lawyer.

Is financing available in Ecuador?2023-02-11T13:57:36-05:00

Currently in Ecuador there is no financing available to individuals that are not Ecuadorean citizens.

How much are the closing costs?2023-02-11T13:57:59-05:00

Closing costs usually amount to 2-3% of the sales price. The items constituting closing costs are transfer tax, notary fees, property register fees and legal fees.

What are homeowner insurance rate like in Ecuador?2023-02-11T13:59:54-05:00

Insurance rates for property in Ecuador is like insurance rates found in the USA.

How advanced is the development of Ceibo Valley?2023-02-11T14:01:50-05:00

The project is being constructed in stages based on the community. Infrastructure is currently being completed in the Las Playas and Vista al Mar communities.

There are currently 14 homes plus the first beach club at various stages of construction. The back nine of the golf course is fully shaped and are ready for the installation of the irrigation systems. The front nine has been roughly shaped.

Will my home built in Ceibo Valley meet North American standards?2023-02-13T10:35:26-05:00

Yes, homes at Ceibo Valley are constructed to meet North American standards.

How long does it take to build a home?2023-02-13T10:36:03-05:00

Hormi2 also allows Ceibo Valley to reduce the construction time of your home. Which should take approximately three to four months.

What is the process for building a home at Ceibo Valley?2023-02-13T10:37:30-05:00

All homes are being constructed using an innovative building technique called Hormi2 construction. Hormi2 has been used to construct homes, condominiums, and office buildings across the world for over 35 years.

By choosing Hormi2, Ceibo Valley will be able to ensure the quality of construction is maintained at the highest levels of quality and consistency. Hormi2 is a modern reinforced concrete construction system formed by modular panels. These panels are made of polystyrene a material that is highly acoustic. The system came into existence through the Italian brand Emmedue in conjunction with Mutulista Pichincha in Ecuador which became known as PANECONS.

Their mission is to create products in the area of construction that offers safety, comfort, quality, and are economic with low environmental impact. It is regarded as the most earthquake resistant building method known to exist.

Is there a required timeframe for starting construction?2023-02-13T10:38:06-05:00

Yes, once your agreement is signed, depending on your location in the community we will schedule the construction of your home or condominium.

What are the Homeowners Association Fees?2023-02-13T10:38:42-05:00

When you purchase a home at Ceibo Valley, you automatically become a member of the Homeowners’ Association, for which there will be annual dues and Rules & Regulation for the community.

We currently estimate the HOA fees for an average size home and lot to be around $150-$200 per month.  For a condominium, there would be a small additional fee to cover maintenance of their condominium building.

Trash collection would be covered by the HOA’s.  A small portion of the HOA fee subsidizes the maintenance of nature reserve, golf course and equestrian center.  This fee is to ensure that these areas are maintained at the highest standard and even though not everyone uses these facilities, they all benefit from their existence and quality.

When is the Golf Course available for play? Is it private?2023-02-23T10:58:10-05:00

Yes, Ceibo Valley is a private course for the homeowners and their guests. The back nine of the golf course is expected to be ready for play mid 2024. The front nine is expected to be completed by early 2025.

What is the internet speed now and planned for Ceibo Valley?2023-02-13T10:40:13-05:00

Ceibo Valley will have highspeed fiberoptic internet.

How close is the nearest medical facility to Ceibo Valley?2023-02-13T10:40:45-05:00

Ceibo Valley will have their own clinic, and the new Bahia Hospital is fifteen minutes away.

How far is town?2023-02-13T10:41:29-05:00

Bahia de Caraquez is located 5 miles along the beach, fifteen minutes by roads.

How far is the airport?2023-02-13T10:42:01-05:00

The newly rebuilt Eloy Alfaro International Airport is located in Manta less than one hour away.

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